Veritas Culture Facilitation Study Group

Veritas Culture Facilitation Study Group

Veritas Culture Presents an interactive and immersive opportunity for facilitation enthusiasts and students to come together and refine their knowledge and skills in Culture Facilitation and Diversity-to-Belonging Facilitation.

Veritas Culture is the industry leader and architects of these two growing disciplines. What is more, we are certified to certify people in these spaces.

By signing up for this study group, you will get to:

  • Practice facilitation by going through true-to-life scenarios that test your abilities to listen to understand, make and verbalize connections, focus on root causes, and move people from uninformed to informed expression.
  • Receive real-time feedback.
  • Hone or keep your skills up to snuff in an area and discipline that requires the utmost professionalism, sensitivity, and confidence.
  • Meet and connect with other facilitators in these spaces.

Whether you have taken one of our TWO facilitation certification courses or not, this study group can help you.


Veritas Culture facilitators will introduce and focus on 2-3 facilitation disciplines for each study group. This means a concentrated session that gets deep in specific areas thus enabling each participant to truly take their knowledge and abilities to the next level.

What is more, we are limiting the amount of people in each study group to (10); this to maximize the learning and personal attention to YOU.

Instructor Information: These study groups will be led by Chris Armstrong and Vince Brantley. Chris is a 2-time Culture Executive at two large (10,000+) organizations. He is also 1 of 50 Certified Master Facilitators in the world. As well, he is an ICF Certified Coach and an IDC Certified Diversity Executive. Vince Brantley is a 1-time Culture Executive at a large (10,000+) organization. Additionally, he is a trained Master Facilitator and coach. Veritas Culture has facilitated more than 5,000 culture sessions for large, national level crises and incidents.


May 27 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm




Veritas Culture
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