Do You Hear The Same Complaints?

Veritas Culture

  • Resolves Organizational Culture Issues

  • Discovers Root Causes and Root Solutions

  • Empowers Employees To Lead Change

  • Implements Effective Solutions to Long-Term Problems



“Vince and Chris’s ability to assess the culture while making the workforce part of the solution is uncanny; their skills cannot be taught.”

“I was skeptical. We go through this training and improvement attempt every year. Chris and Vince were impactful from minute one and my employees are asking when they are coming back. That says something.”

“Keeps people interested, brings the humor, keeps us focused, and call us out- all without being disrespectful, condescending, or dictatorial. Most executives are just not cut from this cloth.”

“My workforce actually wanted the Veritas facilitators back. They brought humor, authenticity, and relatability to topics that are otherwise sensitive and unpopular.”

“Veritas came in to assess our organizational culture. They were measured, calm, and impactful in a way that I’ve never seen. Honestly, we were expecting more of the same that we’re used to. This was different.”

“The Veritas facilitators changed our culture in 6 months, first by getting to the root of our issues, then by developing our workforce as change agents to address them.”