Unconscious By Us

Unconscious By Us

Unconscious By Us is a course facilitated by trained and certified Diversity Executives and Master Facilitators. They have been frequently called to assess diversity and inclusion cultures and facilitate change in several high-stress, high-visibility environments to include the George Floyd Murder, Charlottesville Race Riots, and hundreds of organizations ranging from 123 to 17,000 people.

The training is both immersive and inclusive. What is more, the facilitators are experienced and adept at introducing and balancing realistic, raw, and often emotional topics in a manner that enables understanding and learning. Facilitators will teach practical and easy-to-understand concepts around:

  • How our mind works
  • How we see and respond to threats
  • How we filter (delete, distort, generalize, stereotype) information based on our influencers
  • Common bias decisions and how they originate and fester
  • The Bias Chain (how bias begets bias)
  • How we can make the unconscious, conscious

This content will be delivered in a small class (no more than 10 people) environment to maximize the level of participation and inclusion.

Sign up for this course if:

  • You want an honest and safe environment in which to discuss bias and it’s impacts in both workplace and national-level environments
  • You are looking to be a better, more connected leader when it comes to understanding and managing your own biases
  • You tire of training that does not ultimately get to the heart of the matter


Jan 26 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Veritas Culture
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