Diversity-to-Belonging Facilitation Certification Training

Diversity-to-Belonging Facilitation Certification Training

Course Overview: Veritas Culture presents Diversity and Belonging Facilitation Certification! This is a 3-day course delivered by Certified Master Facilitators and Certified Diversity Executives who have facilitated more than 5,000 culture sessions. What is more, they are frequently called upon to assess and mitigate national level incidents and crises. This includes the Ferguson aftermath, the Charlottesville Race Riots, and the aftermath of the George Floyd killing. In other words, they are credentialed and experienced.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are, and have always been important topics that are difficult to navigate. In an age of social media, 24-hours news cycles, heightened sensitivities, and increasing division, the difficulty level has increased significantly. This course will focus on the 7 Tenets of Culture Facilitation through the specific lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

7 Tenets of Culture Facilitation: 1. Listening to Understand; 2. Challenging Assumptions and Generalizations; 3. Connecting People and Ideas; 4. Remaining Neutral; 5. Eliciting Authentic Trust and Dialogue; 6. Checking In Throughout; and 7. Distinguishing Symptoms from Root Causes.

Additionally, students will learn about the social justice archetypes, the different approaches being taken to address movements, and the underlying human factors that influence how we receive and respond to communication and messaging.

This course will be delivered in an immersive, interactive way that enables the instructors to model facilitation while they are teaching it. Students will spend a lot of time facilitating and receiving immediate feedback.

Logistics: This class has a maximum of 12 students to maximize the attention and learning experience of each student. It will be delivered via Microsoft Teams.

Certification Information: Students who participate in this class will receive FREE access to take the Culture Facilitation Certification exam. This is a two-part exam that requires students to facilitate culture discussions in one-on-one and group sessions. The facilitated culture discussions are scored by Certified Master Facilitators based on the students ability to demonstrate the 7 Tenets of Culture Facilitation. Part 2 is a written exam that tests the students understanding and comprehension of the multi-faceted aspects of facilitating workplace culture discussions.

Instructor Information: This course will be taught by Chris Armstrong and Vince Brantley. Chris is a 2-time Culture Executive at two large (10,000+) organizations. He is also 1 of 44 Certified Master Facilitators in the world. As well, he is an ICF Certified Coach and an IDC Certified Diversity Executive. Vince is a former Culture Executive as a large (10,000+) organization. He is also a trained Master Facilitator and trained Diversity Executive.

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Mar 02 - 04 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Veritas Culture
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