Culture Assessment Certification Training

Culture Assessment Certification Training

As national and world conversations about engagement, equity, sexual harassment and assault (among other topics) increase, so do the amount of companies hiring organizations to assess their culture. Whether they are trying to be proactive or reactive, they realize that an assessment provides them a lens by which to see and respond to what are otherwise continuous but nebulous issues.

This is where you come in. A culture assessment is only as good as it is holistic, root focused, and defensible.

Do you know the answers to these questions?:

1. What information is needed to deliver a holistic culture assessment? (Hint: Surveys and survey findings don’t cut it)

2. Who should that information come from?

3. How does an assessor distinguish thoughts and feelings from facts and policies?

4. What are the common symptoms that people often point to as the reason for a negative culture?

5. What are the common root causes to a negative culture?

6. What are the myths surrounding culture health?

7. What are the determining factors that drive the overall assessment and root solutions?

8. How can an assessor deliver a culture assessment that is supported by all levels of the workforce?

It is imperative that people who perform and deliver culture assessments can answer each and every one of these questions. Otherwise, the organization ends up with symptomatic findings, survey fatigue, and a frustrated workforce.

This course will cover each and every one of these questions in a facilitated, inclusive manner.

The right students for this course will be:

  • People who have a direct responsibility to assess organizational culture
  • People who are in a change agent capacity in their organizations
  • People who operate in the workforce engagement survey spaces and are interested in finding ways to nest it into other strategic sources that are necessary for assessing organizational culture
  • Leaders who want a more holistic understanding of how to assess their culture
  • People who tire of complaining about the culture or hearing others do the same, and who wish to become change agents who can help assess and improve it

Become the change you wish to see!


Mar 08 - 11 2021


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Veritas Culture
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